WodFee Coffee Company | All Natural Whey Protein Coffee With 18G Of Protein | No Artificial Sweeteners, NON GMO and Gluten Free | 37 Servings

by WodFee Coffee
$ 39.99
  • WODFEE PROTEIN COFFEE: WodFee Protein Coffee is the elite all natural protein. This features everything the athlete who demands the most of out of their body would need!
  • THE BEST AVAILABLE: Can your protein say this? Grass fed cows, non GMO, gluten free, sweetened with stevia, and the most pure whey available. This product can't be beat! Check the label!
  • DELICIOUS TASTE: WodFee Protein Coffee is a delicious, creamy protein that goes great with soy or almond milk but can be drank with water as well. This is not one of the hard proteins to get down – you’ll be looking forward to it!
  • WHEY PROTEIN: Whey is the quick digesting protein in Elite. This allows you to immediately start refueling your body after a hard workout, but also aids in spiking absorption for a post workout meal. Hormone free protein allows your body to absorb protein naturally and gain lean muscle!