Goliath | Iron Addicts | BCAA Amino Acid Formula | Formulated By CT Fletcher

by Iron Addicts
$ 39.99

If you want to grow and improve and make each f'n workout the best possible than you have to supplement with BCAA’s. There is absolutely no f'n way around it. I take them throughout the day as part of my daily routine. You’ll be less sore and more energized for your workout if you take BCAA’s than if you don’t. It’s my mutha f'n Goliath of a supplement that goes with me on the road, at the gym, or just when I’m thirsty as shit. Goliath will repair your muscles in between meals when you don’t feel like chewing any more mutha f'n food.

You Want to Grow?

BCAAs have been shown time after time to increase the uptake of nutrients and the use of protein. If you want to grow, it's simple: It won't be as much without a BCAA. If you want to leave the gym on day one, drained and having given it all, you will dang well need a BCAA to go do that again tomorrow. There is just no way around it. Make it a supplement that isn't just there, its Goliath.

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