About Us

Mixt Nutrition is a Columbus, Ohio based health and wellness company focusing on making it easier than ever to receive the products individuals need through ultra quick shipping, close by sales interns, and the soon to be unraveled “Mobile Platform".

Internship: Mixt Nutrition currently offers a 1 or 2 semester long "Internship" program to currently enrolled collegiate which will allow them to gain valuable knowledge in health and wellness products and applications, knowledge of running business, interpersonal skills, networking, and social media marketing.  Individuals who enter the program will be taken through specialized Mixt training which will teach them our business model and allow them to add their own style while gaining valuable experience and school credit.  Those who flourish under the Mixt Internship program may have continued opportunities within the company or access to the wealth of resources and connections within Mixt.  For more information email alex@mixtnutrition.com .

Team Mixt:  Just as in team sports it takes dedication from a unified group to create success, we also believe this to be true in business.  This is why Mixt has built a team of individuals who have show passion, drive, and the spirit necessary to build a successful operation!  Team Mixt is an invitation only team comprised of people from all walks of life who demonstrate enthusiasm for health and wellness that will be an example of the ideals of Mixt Nutrition!  By being part of Team Mixt you will receive exclusive Team Mixt access to deals each month, promotional packages each month to sample the newest products for just the cost of shipping, social media interaction, and a 100% exclusive Team Mixt Jersey!  For information on how to join the Team, email austin@mixtnutrition.com .

Quick Shipping / Delivery:  The products you need are only as good as the access you have to them.  This fact is paramount in our model as we attempt to create the easiest way possible for consumers to receive their products!  As such, we strive to ship every package the same day at the best price and time!